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The actual medical equipment faces the essential unit digital hygiene Desire resource sharing.

In line with the new medical reform system of our development and state plan of the new getting strategic industry, down the road, the enterprise of medical equipment of our country will establish the basic medical equipment all around village and community's the hospital. And also the medical equipment products are according to two major kinds of technological innovation mainly, first, the material technologies, second, electron technology, therefore , electronic enterprises should take in serious consideration the technology related to essential medical equipment. So as to utilize resources, know the information sharing, often the information-based level which advances the medical field may be the task of top priority far too.

The basic medical equipment can be a attention
The basic medical equipment expects to realize the break-through
Community's medical equipment lectotype should be positioned clearly

inches Biological medicine is one of the ideal new industry of our state. Previous November, our government offered breaking through and featuring the key key technology connected with basic medical equipment using wide surface, with large demand, form and make as well as research and develop the automotive market chain for medicine on the tap with the advanced medical equipment, promote the foreign competitiveness of the biological medication industry greatly. " Typically the China biological project finds general secretary Gu HanQing how to say during the exhibit of international medical tool and equipment on the a couple or second, " This is a medical equipment industry of our country in interior main research and establishing direction of quite any period of time in the future. " According to the intro of general secretary Gu, they are carrying on quantized research with the common strategy, variety on the basic medical equipment of employer's corporation of medical equipment presently. General secretary Gu assume a lot of research and the area of report and fundamental medical equipment according to creating the angle in the medical mainly at present, but insufficiency relevant data analysis. micron Whether for example , CT will be the basic medical equipment, the actual apparatus having a large volume and a wide range shall unify the understanding soon. CT of some kinds of technological specifications is the basic medical equipment, which are the top-grade technology, it has X light beam machines that similar, just how heavy it is the basic medical equipment, need the data to back up. " He says. Right after defining the concept of the basic medical equipment, these people shall comb the scientific key element of the basic medical equipment, select essential technology, this will be made for Ministry of Science and Technological know-how and national development along with reform committee " 16 five " Plan to deliver the associated theoretical foundation.

To help new medical reform insurance policy and development plan on the new developing strategic market of the country of recently, general secretary Gu believes, the focal points of home medical equipment enterprises ought to be placed on two respects: Initially, vast village and community's hospital, should specially generate apparatus for village in addition to community's hospital; Second, essential medical equipment. To the top-grade medical equipment, conditional companies should go to develop on the basis of a finish the former two, it is experienced that don't be hard, in any other case know and contribute to the deficits that greatly, but can not make just about any products.

Middle on the relevant policy from the country, the basic medical equipment project team involving association's community of the health of Chinese community délié the standard to investigate the equipment of medical organization associated with community's hygiene. According to closing group leader Zhao Hong's introduction, depending on the functional demand of the personal hygiene service organization of the arranged community, the device configuration standard should accord using three main trends: Very first, equipment technology should be simple, can be mastered through immediate cultivation, stability and safety are good, it is precise to diagnose, the healing effect is obvious; 2nd, stress the ability of the extensive solution; Making house message or calls, health education, prevents, maintains healthy, comes back and the ongoing service of producing a diagnosis of common illness and frequently-occurring disease in which third, want to be contented. Need to generally take domestic independent innovation products as the key. To the above-mentioned qualification, he has introduced not standard medical equipment of many types that domestic enterprises have to have developing for example. Simple checkout equipment and self-service analysis meter of our blood such as consumptive material generation domesticization conventionally, you will discover storing or long-range indication function, examination appearance used for paying a honest home visit, collect the particular complex treatment instruments various physical therapeutic method, the price accords with the recovery tools of the national conditions, and so forth.

inch The development of the village in addition to hospital at the basic level involving community, will bring the new probability to medical equipment trade. inch The fish dive medical equipment director of Beijing office of Limited Organization Yang XingGuo in Jiangsu shows when being evaluated by reporter, " For instance , the complete diagnostic system will get ample scope for skills in the hospital at the basic. The complete diagnostic system is a type of wall type medical equipment, it can integrate numerous technology such as the auscultator, sphygmomanometer, oximeter, clinical thermometer, ophthalmofundoscope, otoscope, laryngoscope together, small disease patient can get the procedure in the grouped community or maybe village nearby. inch

The medical informationization can make resource sharing a key point
Correcting the given information method becomes the important content on the new medical reform
Facts standard and sharing are usually unified " The digital camera hygiene " Core

The technical progress information changes with every passing day, is changing peoples' life, also served intended for providing better health care for the entire society in the Ministry connected with Healthing creates the opportunity. In line with the introduction of Shen JianFeng, Deputy Director of information center of department involving public health in Zhejiang Area, the new medical reform structure that will be issued in 2009 micron Set up the practical medical and health information technique that shares " Help support one of the contents big seeing that eight deepening the system change of the medical and wellness, this is that a sanitation approach to our country regards optimisation of the information system for the reason that important content of the program reform of the medical as well as health for the first time. The press reporter knows, the medical change scheme of our country requires to advance the information construction of the medical in addition to health in a more cost-effective approach, emphasize it in order to improve public health, medical treatment, medical insurance, medicines, economical affairs to supervise information construction as the potent power point, incorporation resources, strengthen canonicalization involving information and public provider information platform construction, gain reunification progressively high-efficiently, interconnection. 1 2More information can be found article-top at